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Geriatric Care Clinic (GCC)

Research Focus
  • GCC developed a comprehensive proforma for Geriatric Patient evaluation for postgraduates which is being utilized across many training centers in Chennai.
  • Translated a Psychological Tool ‘Subjective Memory Complaints Questionnaire (SMCQ) from English to Tamil. Yet to validate.
  • Undertaking a Research titled - “A pilot study to evaluate correlation of subjective memory complaints with MOCA/RUDAS and vascular risk factors in an Urban community dwelling population above 50 years of age”. [study in progress]
  • 30 Apr – 4 May 2017 – RANZCP 2017 Congress @ Adelaide, Australia Dr. Jayakumar Menon participated in the conference and presented GCC study titled “A Pilot Study to evaluate correlation of Subjective Memory Complaints with MoCA / RUDAS and Vascular Risk factors in an Urban Community dwelling population above 50 years of age”
  • Dr. Jayakumar Menon presented a case of ‘Fronto Temporal Dementia’ in a National Conference conducted at Shimla.