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Liver Clinic

Conditions Treated and Services:
Alcoholic Hepatitis

Alcoholic hepatitis is a progressive inflammatory disease of the liver associated with long-term excessive consumption of alcohol.

  • Patient with alcohol related liver disease will require help from Hepatologist to optimise the liver disease.
  • Guidance from Psychiatrist to help with abstinence from alcohol.
  • Supportive information in the form of Alcohol Helpline, information on deaddiction centres and Alcohol Anonymous (AA) Clinic will be provided by the Liver Clinic.
Non Alcohol Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)
  • Common causes of NAFLD are: Obesity, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hypothyroidism and hypertension, Insulin resistance, Hyperlipidemia and Drugs.
  • The Liver clinic aims to provide a holistic approach to this condition by providing consultation from Hepatologist, Dietician and Diabetologist for these patients.
Viral Hepatitis
  • Viral hepatitis A, B, C, D and E, all present clinically in a very similar fashion especially in the acute phase of illness.
  • Although, acute viral hepatitis A and E are self limiting, 1% patients can develop fulminant liver failure.
  • Hepatitis B and C can cause chronic hepatitis, which can progress to cirrhosis and liver cancer.
  • Deciding which patients infected with hepatitis B and C to treat is challenging and requires detailed assessment which will be provided

The Liver Clinic recommends routine checking for hepatitis B and C for the following individuals:

  • Previous needle stick injury, Tattoo
  • Blood transfusion
  • On dialysis
  • Previous operations
  • Family member with this condition at the Liver Clinic with the help of the Hepatologist.

To know more about Viral Hepatitis

Miscellaneous Liver Conditions

Liver Clinic will provide management strategies for the following complex liver conditions

  • Evaluation of abnormal liver function test (LFT) and Jaundice.
  • Decompensated Cirrhosis complicated with portal hypertension, ascites, spontaneous bacterial peritonitis. etc.
  • Autoimmune hepatitis
  • Metabolic Liver diseases
  • Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC)
  • Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC)
Fibro scan

Latest technology to assess the degree of damage inside the liver without the need for painful biopsy.

Advantages of Fibro Scan:

  • No preparation needed
  • Painless
  • Non invasive
  • Results available in few minutes

Fibro scan be used for below Liver Conditions:

  • Hepatitis C
  • Hepatitis B
  • HCV-HIV co-infection
  • Hepatitis C recurrence after liver transplantation
  • Non Alcohol Fatty Liver Disease
  • Alcohol
  • Chronic cholestatic diseases

The Liver Clinic in Medical Centre has an active Liver Transplant programme for patient with end stage liver diseases with all state of art technologies.