Our Services

  • Outpatient care for all major psychiatric illnesses
    Meet our experts  for holistic treatment of mental illnesses like depression, bipolar affective disorder, anxiety related disorders, stress related disorders, schizophrenia, etc.
  • Alcohol and other drug de-addiction programmes
    Our team is proficient to strategize deaddiction programmes for various substances, not limited to, alcohol, cannabis, opioids and even internet gaming
  • Memory clinic
    We provide specialised care comprising of medication, lifestyle modification and individualised training for the elderly with memory disturbances 
  • Adolescent and child psychiatry clinic
    We also cater to the child and adolescents who are ailing from developmental disorders (autism, ADHD), learning difficulties, eating disorders, behavioural disturbances, etc.
  • Marital and Psychosexual care
    We also extend our help to those couples experiencing marital disharmony and to those troubled with sexual concerns while keeping patients’ comfort and privacy in mind 
  • Geriatric psychiatric care
    The elderly are already suffering from multitude of physical health issues which may have a major impart on their psyche. We endeavour to address the psychological concerns of the aged and thereby improve overall prognosis
  • Liaison psychiatry services in alliance with other clinical departments
    We truly believe that true health care can be provided only with a multidisciplinary approach to every patient and we work with closely with other departments to ensure a holistic improvement in quality of life rather than mere symptomatic relief.
  • Psychotherapy and counselling services in collaboration with the department of psychology
    Mental healthcare is incomplete without the contributions from the department of psychology and behavioural sciences in the form of psychological assessments, counselling and other psychotherapeutic interventions. We, along with the team of psychologists aim at providing evidence based multimodal and individualised care and thereby improve prognosis 
  • Rehabilitation programmes in conjunction with the department of social work and occupational therapy
    Enabling an individual to recoup and regain their quality of life despite the psychiatric illness is yet another multidisciplinary venture. Our strategic partnership with team of occupation therapists  involves training and motivating the patients to live up to their potentials and thereby  have fulfilling lives.
  • Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre was recognised and Licensed Centre for Psychiatry In patients, Out patients and treatment procedures by state mental health authority of Tamil Nadu.