Our Services

ENDOSCOPIC SURGERY: Endoscopic treatment is available for conditions like Posterior urethral valves, urinary stones, ureterocele, vesico ureteric reflux and many similar problems that can occur in children.

LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY: Laparoscopic surgery is offered to many paediatric urology problems (undescended testis, varicocele, nephrectomy for multi cystic dysplastic kidneysor non functioning kidney in ectopic ureter; pyeloplasty for PUJ obstruction).

ESWL: Stones in children can be broken without surgery with the help of ESWL. They can also be removed with the help of endoscope or PCNL.

URODYNAMICS: This special test provides information about a bladder that is not functioning well. Neurogenic bladder is a problem seen in children with spine abnormalitieslike meningocele, myelomeningocele and spina bifida.