Outreach & Community Activities

Only centre in India for Flow diverters placement for aneurysms. About 105 Flow Diverters placed in 85 patients upto date.

  • IMA Lectures
  • Telemedicine
  • CME
  • Chennai Neuro Interventions Club
  • RAIN (Ramachandra Advanced Interventional Neuroradiology)
  • Feel The Passion Of Neuro Intervention Simulator workshop hands-on training
  • ISVIR (Indian Society of Neuro-Radiology)

Workshop organised Parts:

  • Flow Diverter DERIVO Embolization Device on 17.02.2018
  • X-Calibur device on 09.11.2017
  • Pipeline flex Flow Diverter on 31.05.2017
  • Surpass in Flow Diverter treatment on 16.05.2016.