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Doctor Profile - Dr. S.Nagendra Boopathy

Senior Consultant
Dr. S.Nagendra Boopathy



Area(s) of Specialization:

Cardiology- Interventional cardiology : Acute coronary syndrome, Complex coronary interventions: Angioplasty/PCI, Primary PCI (done during heart attack), Atherectomy (rotabalation/orbital/ intravascular lithotripsy- for the treatment of calcified coronary lesions), Left main PCI, Bifurcation PCI, Graft interventions in embolic protection devices CTO-PCI and mechanical circulatory support devices (MCS) like Impella, ECMO and Intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation (IABP) Structural heart disease interventions : Transcatheter aortiv valve replacements (TAVR/TAVI), Valve in Valve aortic therapies, Mitraclip , valve in valve mitral therapies (TMVR), Valve in valve Trans-tricuspid valve replacements, Transpulmonary valve replacements, Left atrial appendage closure, paravalvular leak closure (PVL),percutaneous transvenous mitral commissurotomy (PTMC/BMV), PVBD, IVC filter, Peripheral vascular intervention, Device closure of shunts in grown-up congenital hearts (GUCH).

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10 Years of Experience


Consultation days:

Monday to Saturday

Consultation Time:

8.00 am to 4.00 pm

For Appointment, Call:

044-45928631/45928500 EXT: 450

Fellowships / Memberships:

Fellowships : 

  • Fellowship in Structural heart diseases( Mt Sinai, NY)
  • Fellowship in Interventional Cardiology( Mt Sinai, NY)
  • Fellowship in Intracoronary imaging( Chung Ang, Seoul)
  • Interventional Cardiology Fellowship(AIIMS,New Delhi)
  • Cardiology Fellowship (AIIMS, New Delhi)

 Memberships : 

  • Cardiological Society of India
  • American College of Cardiology
  • American Heart Association
  • Society of Coronary angiography and Interventions
  • Association of Physicians of India
  • Indian Medical Association




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Poster Presentations : 

  • Senguttuvan NB, Kovacic J, Roy S, Kini A, Sharma S. Impact of appropriate use criteria based percutaneous coronary interventions on long term clinical outcomes of patients: A Large volume, single center experience. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2014; 63; 12; Supplement April 2014 
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Grants :

Influence of clonal hematopoietic cells of Indeterminate Potential (CHIP) in patients with coronary artery disease. Indian Council of Medical Research approved extramural project. 2019-0126 ($30,000)


Book Chapters :

  1. Senguttuvan NB, Dangas G. TAVR, Cardiology Secrets, Under Press. Elsevier publishers
  2. Senguttuvan NB, Gilbert Tang, Annapoorna Kini. Transseptal Pucnture. Principles of Interventional Cardiology, 2nd edition, Under Press.Wiley publishers
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 Oral Presentations :

1. Senguttuvan NB. Percutaneous Valve therapies. Presented at Volume2: Use Heart to Beat Heart failure/Heart Attack " session of webinar series on "29th Sept 2020 conducted by SK HF

2. Senguttuvan NB. Bifurcations in Acute Coronary syndrome. Presented at TARGET ZERO meet conducted by Coastal Cardiac Club on Sep 28,2020

3. Senguttuvan NB. CHIP, Inflammation and CAD. Presented in IDEAL summit conducted by C3RF on Sep, 26, 2020. (Virtual eMeet)

4. Senguttuvan NB. Rotabaltion: From Evidence to execution: Rotabalation Conclave, Boston Scientific, Sep,23,2020. (Virtual eMeet)

5. SenguttuvanNB. Hemodynamic of MCS. Best Interventional cases. Translumina, Sep. 12th,2020(Virtual eMeet)

6. Senguttuvan NB. Plaque modification. Best Interventional cases. Translumina, August 29,2020(Virtual eMeet)

7. Senguttuvan NB. Transcatheter Edge to edge repair of Mitral valve: A new paradigm therapy for patients with severe MR. Presented in CHIP-INDIA Summit 2020. August 8,2020(Virtual eMeet)

8. Senguttuvan NB. Spectrum of structural interventions in Valvular heart disease. Webinar based series, Organized by Trichy Cardiac Club. July 25, 2020(Virtual eMeet)

9. Senguttuvan NB. Pacamaker in TAVR. Webinar based series, Organized by Medtronic, June 27,2020 (Virtual eMeet)

10. Senguttuvan NB. Management of complex cardiac interventions pre and peri-Covid era, Webinar based series, May 9, 2020

11. Senguttuvan NB. Transcatheter treatment of severe primary mitral regurgitation using three MitraclipXTrs- New York Transcatheter Valve symposium at Hotel Grand Hyatt, New York, December, 2019

12. Senguttuvan NB. Rotabalation in CHIP cases: Complex High risk Interventions (CHIP summit) conducted at Hotel Leela palace, Chennai, July 2019

13. Senguttuvan NB. FFR and imaging in assessment of side branch after LM PCI- National Interventional Council meet, Cardiological Society of India, Lucknow, India, on April 2019

14. Senguttuvan NB. Biomedical Instrumentation and Heart. Hindustan University, on March 15, 2019

15. Senguttuvan NB. Managing different clinical issues associated with anti-thrombotics in patients with heart diseases: Case based discussions: Association of Physicians of India Conference (APICON), 2019 held at Kochi on February 9th, 2019

16. Senguttuvan NB. Guide catheters and Guide wires: Tamil Nadu Interventional Council annual meet at Salem, Tamil Nadu, India on Jan 5th 2018

17. Senguttuvan NB. Intracoronary Imaging: The third eye for the cardiologist: Cardiac pathology CME, Dept. of Pathology, SRIHER, Chennai

18. Senguttuvan NB. Role of Oxidative stress in Heart failure: Care Hospital, Hyderabad, Dec 1, 2018

19. Senguttuvan NB. Sudden cardiac death in patients with LV dysfunction: Indian perspective, Cardiological Society of India (CSI), 2018, Mumbai

20. Senguttuvan NB. Stent sizing by imaging: 1st imaging PCI (iPCI) conference, Oct 2018, Chennai

21. Senguttuvan NB. Interesting case scenarios: Use of FFR and OCT: TANCSI, Tamil Nadu, Sep 2018

22. Senguttuvan NB. Dyslipidemia-Update: Cardiological Society of India,Kovai branch, August, 2018

23. Senguttuvan NB. Double crush technique: CD based learning, National Holistic Cardiology Conclave, NHCC, Madurai on July 28, 2018

24. Senguttuvan NB. Culotte in acute coronary syndrome: Step by step approach. Complex cardiovascular catheter therapeutics, June 19, 2018, Orlando, USA

25. Senguttuvan NB. Fractional flow reserve: Interpretation and its relevance in Left main and Bifurcation lesions. Fellow’s course, National Interventional Council, Cardiological Society of India, 2018, conducted at Hyderabad, May 11, 2018

26. Senguttuvan NB. Approach to Electrocardiogram for MDs: STANCARD, 2018 meet conducted by Dept. of Cardiology, Stanley Medical College, April 7, 2018

27. Senguttuvan NB. Planning Primary PCI: March 24, 2018, Dubai, Cardiology update conducted by Prime Hospitals and C3RF

28. Senguttuvan NB. Derangement of cardiovascular system: Annual Physiology meet conducted by Dept. of Physiology on March 7, 2018, SRM Medical College, Chennai,

29. Senguttuvan NB. How did Fractional flow reserve change my clinical decisions? Case based discussions. Association of Physicians of India Conference (APICON), Bengaluru on February, 2018.

30. Senguttuvan NB. Utility of FFR in a patient with post CABG: An ischemia based revascularization. Presented at SingLive2018, Jan 2018

31. Senguttuvan NB. Understanding the hemodynamics behind FFR, CFR and iFR: How to do FFR properly? 6th annual Tamil Nadu Interventional Council meet 2018, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, Jan 2018. 

32. Senguttuvan NB. STEMI- Bifurcations: Cardiological Society of India (CSI), Kolkata, Dec 2017

33. Senguttuvan NB. Issues in DAPT: ESC@CSI session, Cardiological Society of India, Kolkata, Dec 2nd, 2017

34. Senguttuvan NB. Use of FFR in a post CABG patient: AICT meet Nov 12, 2017

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36. Senguttuvan NB. Interventional Cardiology – Basics and Beyond: Sri Muthukumaran Medical College, Chennai; Sep 26, 2017

37. Senguttuvan NB. How did FFR change my practice? –June 2017, iPCI focused meet, Chennai

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43. Senguttuvan NB. ECG and localization of culprit vessel in AMI- Cardiological society of IndiaRhythm Chapter, Patna, 2016 

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46. Senguttuvan NB. Pharmacoinvasive strategy- the future for our country. STEMI Summit, Hyderabad Live, July 2016. 

47. Senguttuvan NB. Tailored access is the best- Trans-femoral access for STEMI. STEMI summit, Hyderabad Live, July 2016 

48. Senguttuvan NB. Fractional Flow reserve: Concepts, tips, tricks and pitfalls. Indo-French Radial Interventional Course (IFRIC), July 2016 

49. Senguttuvan NB. Shooting in the dark -. EuroPCR, 2016; May 17-20, Paris Senguttuvan NB. OCT-guided PCI using V / simultaneous kissing stenting technique for left anterior descending diagonal bifurcation disease. EuroPCR, 2016; May 17-20, Paris 

50. Senguttuvan NB. Nightmare in cath lab. IndiaLive, Feb 26-28, New Delhi 

51. Senguttuvan NB. How to manage acute vessel closure? Tamil Nadu interventional council meet, Jan 2016 

52. Senguttuvan NB. Provisional stenting- When and how? Bifurcation summit, Hyderabad Live 2015 

53. Senguttuvan NB. Rota-ablation guided LM stenting using SKS technique. Hyderabad Live 2015 

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67. Senguttuvan NB, Ramakrishnan S, Dabral H, Saxena A, Bahl VK. Serial Changes in Tissue Velocities & Longitudinal Strain in Normal Neonates. Paper presented in Travel award Paper session at 62nd Annual Conference of the CSI; 2010. 

68. Senguttuvan NB, Malhotra P, Varma N, Jain S, kumari S, Varma SC. Outcome of Adult B-cell. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia patients presenting with osteolytic lesions and hypercalcemia. Paper presented at; 47th Annual Conference of Indian Hematological society; 2006


Awards and Honours:

  1. 2019 Outstanding Contribution and Cardiology Leadership, Mayan Award
  2. 2018 Humanitarian - Good Samaritan Award, Indian Medical Association
  3. 2018 Vice Chairman of Academics, Tamil Nadu Interventional Council
  4. 2017 Research Grant, Gate Projects Award and Grants for Research
  5. 2017 Vice Chairman of Academics, Tamil Nadu Interventional Council
  6. 2016 Chairman of Academics Research Recognition Award
  7. 2015 First Place, Global Interventional Cardiology Jeopardy, Cardiology Society of India
  8. 2014 First Place, Global Interventional Cardiology Jeopardy, Cardiology Society of India
  9. 2013 Impella Scholarship Award, Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics, USA
  10. 2012 Best Fellow Award, National Interventional Council, Cardiology Society of India
  11. 2011 Best Outgoing Cardiology Fellow, Jagdish Lal Kapila Gold Medal, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India
  12. 2011 Torrent Young Scholar Award 
  13. 2011 UK-India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI) Scholarship, Department of Cardiology, Royal Brompton Hospital, London
  14. 2009 Early Career Travel Grant, 17th Asia Pacific Congress of Cardiology, Kyoto, Japan
  15. 2008 First Rank, Cardiology Fellowship Entrance Exam, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India
  16. 1999 Full Ride Scholarship, MBBS, Government of Tamil Nadu
  17. 1999 District Topper Award (Top 100 applicants among 500,000 applicants), Tamil Nadu State Higher Secondary Examinations

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