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Karthikeyan Child Development Unit

For Appointments

Call: 044- 45928540 Ext.:103

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Karthikeyan Child Development Unit

Clinical Focus

The services that are offered include:

  • High quality follow-up of high risk babies and appropriate stimulation programmes
  • Autism- Assessment and plan for intervention
  • Cerebral palsy- Assessment and plan for intervention
  • ADHD- Assessment and plan for intervention
  • Assessment of poor scholastic performance and plan for intervention
  • Assessment and management of behavioural problems in children.
  • Assessment and clinical follow-up services of children with Down syndrome.
  • Children with speech and language delay - assessment and intervention.
  • Hearing assessment and feeding assessment and intervention.
  • Assessment of visual problems and plan for intervention
  • Psychological counselling for parents of children with special needs

Outreach & Community Activities

  • Tiruvallur District level developmental assessment camp in Vayanallur in July 2018
  • Yearly Autism awareness day outreach programmes on April 2nd
  • Disability camp- Organised by KCDU & Vidya Sudha at SRIHER in November 2019
Outpatient Services
For Outpatients:

Outpatient Hours: 8 A.M to 4 P.M.

On all days except Sundays & Public Holidays.

For Appointments Contact:
Private Clinic

C2 (Second Floor) Sri Ramaswamy Udayar Block


044 - 45928540
044 - 45928500 Ext. 103

Pediatric medicine


The unit focuses on assessment and offers a comprehensive plan for intervention to optimize child’s developmental potential. We have expertise in Autism, High risk follow-up of newborns, Poor scholastic performance, ADHD, Behavioural problems, Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Hearing and Visual problems and providing psychological support to parents. We are a multidisciplinary unit which provides thorough pediatric and neurological examination with developmental focus, developmental assessment, psychological assessment, speech, language, hearing and feeding assessments, physiotherapy assessment and occupational therapy assessment using standardized tools, ophthalmic evaluation and nutritional assessment as a package under one roof. After the assessment, parents will be apprised of their child’s condition and a detailed plan for intervention will be provided by the developmental paediatrician.

Clinical Focus
Clinical Focus