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Doctor Profile - Dr. Gayathri Rajesh

Dr. Gayathri Rajesh



Area(s) of Specialization:

Dermatology, venereology & laprosy, Clinical & cosmetic dermatology


5 Years of Experience

Consultation days:


Consultation Time:

2.00 pm to 8.00 pm

For Appointment, Call:

044-45928581/45928500 EXT: 432/8894


  • Coexistence of cutaneous mucormycosis and scrofuloderma in an Immunodeficient child - Journal of evolution of Medical and Dental Science ( volume 5/Issue 08/January 28,2016).
  • Undifferentiated connective tissue disease with metastatic seminoma -A Rare case Report - Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental science.
  • A case of lichenoid Photosensitive Eczema in a HIV Positive Patient - A Rare case BMC Infectious Diseases
  • Study - Comparative study of topical Minoxidal vs Topical Caffeine (based) - 52pts in Andro genetic Alopecla Patients (Males).

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Dermatology & Venerology

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