“The art of medicine lies in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease”

Standing testimony to this was a recent event organised by MedHope, a social initiative run by interns and medical professionals of SRIHER with the aim of providing relief to cancer kids from poor socio-economic backgrounds.This was a part of Childrens day celebration(Nov 2018)for children suffering from cancer.

The event that was coordinated by the MBBS students, commenced with a cordial welcome by Dr. Shubha, Senior Consultant in paediatric critical care, and Dr. Somasundaram, Professor of Eminence and chief academic advisor,SRIHER.

The playdate witnessed dozens of cancer affected kids, accompanied by their parents, to a fun-filled stretch with the students, including an Art & craft session and a cheery game of Musical Chairs that kept the kids on their toes.

A non-profit endeavour in the true sense, an outstanding amount as funds were raised for the further treatment and recuperation of the children. The gathering also bestowed a great opportunity for the students to explore their arenas of communication and their ability to empathize and connect with the patients.

The event ended on an efficacious note with the kids all mirth and merry.