The Debate Club

The Debate Club is a forum for students to voice their opinions,on burning issues which they are facing. It was started by the student council in the year 2018 with the guidance of the esteemed faculty members. The club members meet up twice a month between 4 and 5pm to hone their speaking skills and get multiple perspectives on important topics of current importance. Students also represent the college on different forums, channelling their passion for the art of argument. If you wish to be a part of the club,please contact the student council members or your class representatives.

The Music Club

The Music Club was set up in Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research , with the help of the Student council and the assistant Deans under the guidance of the Deans to encourage our students to express themselves in the beautiful and healing language of music. The club meets on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month, between 4 and 5 pm. It serves as a platform for all musicians to showcase their talents, perform with each other and put up performances within the club among those who enjoy music, as well as for various programmes, both internal and external. The music club aims to enhance the quality of the musicians, helping them to team up and go on to participate at an intercollegiate level and display the wide array of talents possessed by the musicians of SRMC & RI. If you wish to be a part of the club.
Please contact the student council members or your class representatives .

The Quiz Club

The SRIHER Quiz club is a forum of enthusiastic intellectuals who are bound by their love for quizzing.
Once a month, between 4:15-5:30PM, the club meets at the medical college building and has interactive quizzing sessions hosted by the members of the club.
It’s a safe heaven for those who pride themselves in their quick thinking ability and general knowledge. The topics for the meetings are not restricted to any particular topic and the format of quizzing is decided by the quiz master for the month.As it’s a dynamic and ever growing co-curricular group, we welcome all new members to the SRIHER Quiz club.
Please contact a student council member or your class representatives for information regarding membership.

The Photography Club

The SRIHER Photography Club is a venue where like minded people who have a great passion for photography and a tight bond with it!!!The club usually meets once a month on every third Friday from 4.15-5.30 pm which is hosted by the members of the club
And this club is not only restricted to the students,it’s an open club where even the faculties who are interested in photography can participate.
The club has no themes or specific topic to work on! It works on the different perception of the club members and photo walks conducted inside the college premises.
Regular events and competitons are conducted where we motivate the young photographers to participate .We welcome all the new members to the Photography Club of SRIHER!.
Please contact a student council member or your class representatives for information regarding membership.

The Dance Club

The dance club of SRIHER is a student initiative touring the graceful dancers, creative choreographers and nothing but pure art lovers under the same roof to experience the joy of this art form. It was formed with a motive to bring out the hidden dancing talent from every SRMCian. At present there are about 140 art enthusiasts in the club from various departments of the college.
Most of them already been trained in classical forms like-Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Mohiniyattam, Kathak: folk styies like-Bhangra, Larani, Garbha, Tamil folk and western styles like Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz and Salsa to name a few.SRMC DANCE CLUB aims to encourage students to hold on to their passion even during their hectic academic phase and tries to provide an opportunity to learn and explore the magical world of dance.